Victoria Nachos

Nachos Libra, Victoria Nachos

Victoria is where the first outdoor flower blooms of the year appear. Amidst friendly faces, politicians, tourists, students & couples share the sun that shines over 2,000 hours per year onto Victoria’s parks & patios.

Moon Under Water Brewpub

Victoria Nachos
Moon Under Water Nachos – Landing
Victoria Nachos
Moon Under Water Nachos – First Pass Rating One
Rating One Rating Five
Rating Five +

5 chip + 1 chip = 6 chip rating

Tesla Motors broke Consumer Reports‘ car rating system several years ago. Tesla exceeded previous parameters. Nachos Libra’s rating system had a similar, although wonderful, melt-down with Moon Under Water’s “Full Moon Nachos“. 😀

  • Pulled pork, about 10 oz, a pound of cheese layered throughout. Wahoo!
  • Banana peppers, kalamata olives, yellow corn, spiced black beans, fresh diced tomatoes & sliced green onions were the plentiful vegetable complement.
  • Guacamole was extra & not ordered. Sour cream was substituted for extra salsa. Chunky & tasty salsa lasted until the end.
  • These are the best nachos ever experienced by Nachos Libra! Moon Under Water’s kitchen produced ultra crispy chips, then assembled & baked two separate nachos, loaded both up with meat & cheese, then stacked them on top of each other before presenting them to guests. These loaded nachos went for $18 🙂
  • These nachos were eaten 13 April 2016. Nachos Libra will be back!

Darcy’s Pub

Victoria Nachos
Darcy’s Pub Nachos – Landing
Victoria Nachos
Darcy’s Pub Nachos – First Pass Rating Three
Rating Three
  • 4 oz of Firecracker chicken ordered, mild & tasty.  Fair amount of cheese, all of it on the upper deck & not distributed throughout the middle layer.
  • Vegetables were fresh, diced tomatoes & sliced green onions. There were no olives. Jalapeños were witheld upon request.
  • Sauces included are chunky salsa & sour cream; sour was skipped for extra salsa. Refried, chipotle, black bean dip was an extra cost, but worth the taste! Salsa & bean dip were fresh made, in-house. Guacamole was not ordered.
  • Quite a lot of broken chips towards the bottom. 🙁 Many were too small to scoop up sauces. This creates a “who has the fastest reflexes” game when it comes to grabbing dipping-sauce-sized chips.
  • 3/4 sized nachos cost $20 ($14 nachos + $3 chicken + $3 bean dip). The bean dip alone could not prop these nachos up into four chip league. Indiscernable amounts of cheese in the middle layers, minimal vegetables and a handful of broken chips conspired against these nachos. 🙁
  • These nachos were eaten 09 April 2016.