Vancouver Westside Nachos

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Vancouver is a seaport & a world class city on the west coast of Canada. It’s the most densely populated city in Canada. This means lots & lots of Nachos! Vancouver Westside Nachos is considered to be the area of the city between Ontario Street & the Pacific Ocean.

The Coppertank Grill (aka, “The Tank”)

Vancouver Westside Nachos
The Coppertank Grill Nachos – Landing
Vancouver Westside Nachos
The Coppertank Grill Nachos – First Pass Rating Four
Rating Four
  • Tank Nachos, pulled pork added on for extra cost. Pulled pork, dry-style, yaay!  Still maintains that semi-sweet BBQ taste without presenting as sodden, amino acid clumps. The Tank is generous with its meat. (The previous sentence doesn’t read politely, does it dirty-minded reader?). Good portions of both orange & white cheese are layered throughout.
  • Vegetables are small portioned & almost enough.  In addition to the sliced black olives, there are fresh, diced green bell peppers, green onions & tomatoes.  The green peppers tasted sweet. Served without Jalapenos, yaay!  Nachos Libra doesn’t like Jalapeños.
  • Was the salsa made fresh, in-house? Or poured from a plastic a jug?  The salsa serving was so small that after 14 chips, there was no more salsa. Thus, the sauce sampling was too miniscule for Nachos Libra to correctly determine.  Plain sour cream was plentiful, but not touched.  Guacamole had an extra cost & was not ordered.
  • Amazing presentation!  Look at that serving platter with its pyramidical nachos.
  • Tank nachos are served on a flour tortilla shell to capture melted cheese.  The tortilla becomes an excellent utensil for gobbling up bits of cheese, veg, uneaten sauces and chips.  Roll it all up into a DIY burrito & leave nothing behind.  The only other places that do this is the Rusty GullRaglan’s Bistro & Sailor Hagar’s in Lower LonsdaleThe Fountainhead Pub in Vancouver’s West End & the Black Bear Pub in North Vancouver.
  • The “Tank” size did not meet expectations.  Nachos Libra imagined a portion similar to St. Augustine’s regular size.  However, the Tank portion would satisfy four to five 205 lb. Guys … or one very determined, 146 lb. Chinese Guy.
  • The Tank’s Web site states that Tank sized nachos are $14.99 on Saturdays.  Nachos Libra arrived after 1AM on a Sunday morning and somehow got it for $15.99 (the regular price is $19.99).  Best not to delay if the late night munchies hits the reader before midnight Saturday night!  BTW: Nachos Libra does not flirt with servers to lower the food bill.
  • This full-order nachos was eaten on 17 August 2015.

Cove Neighbourhood Pub

Vancouver Westside Nachos
Cove Pub Kitsilano Nachos – Landing Rating Three
Rating Three
  • Nachos Libra believes the kitchen patiently waited until large blocks of the mildly seasoned pulled pork fell off the bone, then planted the morsels throughout the nachos. 🙂 The layers above & beneath the first deck of chips were covered in melted cheese. There was a good deal of both cheese & pork!
  • Vegetables comprised fresh, sliced green onions, chunked tomatoes & sliced black olives. Jalapeños were held off upon request as no one wants to hear a shrill tirade about the fragile beauty of Nachos Libra’s gastro-intestinal tract.
  • Sauces were served on the side without asking! Those tri-colour, water-soluble nacho chips are best sampled when crispy. Guacamole was extra & not ordered. Sour cream was substituted for extra salsa. The salsa was made in house & not watery. The chunky tomatoes & fresh basil provided a fresh, light taste. 🙂 The generously portioned, dry-style salsa lasted until half a dozen chips remained! The only other nachos known to have ample amounts of dry-style salsa is Two Lions Pub in North Vancouver.
  • Presentation of the nachos was colourful, however, the platter appeared flattened. More chips would have propped up the structure.
  • Although the cheese, meat and salsa portions were liberal, overall, the Cove Neighbourhood Pub’s nachos would not satiate a group of four People. 🙁 The 2/3 sized, nachos served as a tasty meal for one (with no left overs), but came at a full sized price. Quality ingredients throughout, but being short on volume kept the nachos out of the four chip league.
  • The 2/3-size-only nachos was eaten 06 March 2016.


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Nachos Libra Sharing Nachos around the world table!
Nachos Libra

I’m a Libra who loves nachos. I wasn’t always so obsessed. Nachos were plentiful & on most every menu. Just another pub grub option ordered so all could share.

Then I moved to Dublin, Republic of Ireland. The Irish don’t eat when they drink. “Eatin’s cheatin!” my Irish friends would intersperse amongst the witty, tavern conversation.

Well, I have to eat! I’m Chinese! So, I thought that if I ordered a platter to share, would it be more acceptable?

And then, nothing! No matter the menu, nachos were not on it. I began to compulsively search for pubs with nachos even when I wasn’t hungry. Slowly, incrementally, I displayed severe withdrawal symptoms. I began day-dreaming of those “corn-based” nachos back in Vancouver, Canada.

Finally, I’m back. I’ve been back for a while. And, at least once a week, I have a hankering for nachos that needs satisfying.  Now I manage my obsession by tasting & sharing with you, my dear fellow tavern mates!

Nachos Libra

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