Vancouver Eastside Nachos

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Vancouver is a seaport & a world class city on the west coast of Canada. It’s the most densely populated city in Canada. This means lots & lots of Nachos! Vancouver Eastside Nachos is considered to be the area of the city between Boundary Road & Ontario Street.

Brighton Pub

Vancouver Eastside Nachos
Brighton Pub Nachos – Landing
Vancouver Eastside Nachos
Brighton Pub Nachos – First Pass Rating Four
Rating Four
  • Full-sized nachos ordered with both Cajun sausage & locally sourced,¬†chicken. The Cajun was mildly flavoured & the chicken was real, non-processed breast-meat, with no seasoning. ūüôā A very good amount of each protein, although it was challenging to eyeball/measure as there was such a cheese covering! Cheese was also layered within the nachos. ūüėÄ
  • Vegetables comprised fresh, green bell peppers & chunked tomatoes. Olives, diced purple onions & yellow corn added to the nachos’ visual seduction.
  • Guacamole extra; not ordered. Skipped the sour cream; asked for more salsa. Salsa was fresh, tasty & there was plenty as almost every chip had either meat, cheese or veg, so Nachos Libra eased up on the salsa dippings.
  • These $24 ($15 + $4.50 sausage + $4.50 chicken) nachos are really just 2/3 of a full size. Nachos Libra ate the whole platter with plenty of room for more. As well, extra salsa was not provided when the sour cream was declined. If these were full-sized, then a five chip rating is within grasp of the Brighton Pub. ūüôā
  • Brighton Pub’s nachos were eaten 08 May 2017.

Cedar Cottage Pub

Vancouver Eastside Nachos
Cedar Cottage Neighbourhood Pub Nachos – Landing
Vancouver Eastside Nachos
Cedar Cottage Neighbourhood Pub Nachos – First Pass Rating Four
Rating Four
  • Ordered full size with ground beef. Medium amount of beef. Cheese throughout & on mid-deck.
  • Fresh diced tomatoes & green onions with black olives comprised the vegetables.
  • Sauces are served on the side. Yaay! Passed on the sour cream to get a double whammy of salsa. The fresh, made in-house salsa was mild – and not overly cilantro’d – the portion lasted until a few chips remained.
  • There were zero broken chips, although there was one soggy chip. These full sized, but not-super-filling-for-its-size nachos were a stunning value at $14 plus $2.50 for beef.
  • These nachos were eaten 08 May 2016.¬†Nachos Libra will be back for more of Cedar Cottage’s nachos! ūüôā

St. Augustine’s

Vancouver Eastside Nachos
St. Augustine’s Nachos – Landing
Vancouver Eastside Nachos
St. Augustine’s Nachos – First Pass Rating Three
Rating Three
  • Pulled pork was ordered; about 5.5 oz. of meat & sauce were layered on top of the nachos. Although there seemed to be cheese on most chips (see sauces below), there really was not a lot of cheese.
  • Vegetables comprised green onions & purple onions along with sparse amounts black beans & yellow corn. Very generous on the tomatoes though :).
  • Guacamole & sour cream were included in the cost. These sauces were squirted from bottle to nachos. The creamy sauces made it appear as though there was more cheese (but there wasn’t). Salsa was generous as there was a lot of fresh, diced tomatoes spread on top of the nachos. The flavours included a mild spiciness (it was not the Jalape√Īos), which was attributed to the salsa.
  • St. Augustine’s nachos’ colourful presentation was marred by soggy chips towards the end. All those sauces dampened the otherwise crisp chips & made for messy fingers.
  • Cost was $21 ($16 + $5 pulled pork).
  • These nachos were eaten 07 July 2017.

East Side Craft House

Vancouver Eastside Nachos
East Side Craft House Nachos – Landing
Vancouver Eastside Nachos
East Side Craft House Nachos – First Pass Rating Three
Rating Three
  • Full size ordered. Very striking appearance with heavily layered¬†cheese on the top stratum. Some of that cheese made it to the mid-deck. Chicken was diced & dispensed on top.
  • A good amount of vegetables – fresh, diced tomatoes, sliced green onions & black olives – were dispersed about the nachos. Jalape√Īoes were witheld.
  • Sauces include sour cream, but that was swapped for extra salsa. The fresh, made-in-house salsa was spicey, tasty & almost lasted until the end.
  • These nachos present¬†as smothered in cheese. Every chip was glued to its sibling! The chips were crispy too! ūüôā
  • The full size order was¬†really a 2/3 sized nachos at $19 ($15 plus $4 chicken).
  • These nachos were eaten 11 July 2016.

Colony Main Street

Vancouver Eastside Nachos
Colony Main Street Nachos – Landing
Vancouver Eastside Nachos
Colony Main Street Nachos – First Pass Rating Two
Rating Two
  • Tomato Pulled Chicken” was an extra $4 for about 2.5 oz of tastiness. To characterize the proteins, sparse. There was not enough cheese to cover most chips either.
  • A light sprinkling of vegetables let Nachos Libra down even further. ¬†Nachos Libra does love how the¬†green onions, beans & corn added to a nachos’ visual appeal. ¬†A request to serve¬†the banana peppers, but hold the Jalapenos resulted in neither being served.
  • The yellow-green & tikka coloured salsas were made in-house & there was enough to last almost to the last third of the nachos! ¬†Nachos Libra made a request to swap the sour cream for a double salsa portion. ¬†Guacamole was extra, so it was not ordered. ¬†Sauces are always served on the side.
  • Of note is the unusual crispiness of the Colony nachos chips. ¬†The chips seemed to be made with rice flour added for that extra light, crunchiness without the oiliness! ¬†These nachos had good height that could’ve rated excellent presentation if there were more chips & cheese. ¬†The half-sized nachos are priced a few dollars away from the full-sized nachos & they’re not good value.
  • This half-sized, but “full-size priced” nachos was eaten 13 September 2015.

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Nachos Libra Sharing Nachos around the world table!
Nachos Libra

I‚Äôm a Libra who loves nachos. I wasn’t always so obsessed. Nachos were plentiful & on most every menu. Just another pub grub option ordered so all could share.

Then I moved to Dublin, Republic of Ireland. The Irish don’t eat when they drink. “Eatin‚Äôs cheatin!” my Irish friends¬†would intersperse amongst the witty, tavern conversation.

Well, I have to eat! I’m Chinese! So, I thought that if I ordered a platter to share, would it be more acceptable?

And then, nothing! No matter the menu, nachos were not on it.¬†I began to compulsively search for pubs with nachos even when I wasn’t hungry. Slowly, incrementally, I displayed severe withdrawal symptoms. I began day-dreaming of those ‚Äúcorn-based‚ÄĚ nachos back in Vancouver, Canada.

Finally, I’m back. I’ve been back for a while. And, at least once a week, I have a hankering for nachos that needs satisfying.  Now I manage my obsession by tasting & sharing with you, my dear fellow tavern mates!

Nachos Libra

Older Nachos Reviews Below

St. Augustine’s

Vancouver Eastside Nachos
St. Augustine’s Nachos – Landing
Vancouver Eastside Nachos
St. Augustine’s Nachos – First Pass
Vancouver Eastside Nachos
St. Augustine’s Chicken – First Pass Rating Five
Rating Five
  • Chicken was added on for¬†extra cost.¬†Server forgot the chicken &¬†brought it ten minutes after the Nachos Landing. Nachos Libra¬†ate half the order by then, so that the First Pass appears to be¬†the mother-lode of chicken. ¬†Don’t be fooled. ¬†It wasn’t. ¬†Salad Horse, Nachos Libra’s very practical wife, unceremoniously dumped the chicken bits on the nachos. The chicken portion was quite small. Cheese was satisfactory.
  • Generous on the vegetables. St. Augustine’s added diced, sweet purple onions, and chopped, green onions, both of which are not mentioned¬†on the regular menu item list. Sweet! ¬†As well,¬†Nachos Libra loved the unmashed, black beans & yellow corn niblets. Beans & corn¬†add to the mouth-feel & the nachos’ visual appeal.
  • Salsa sauce is excitingly excessive & uses only fresh, diced tomatoes! However, Nachos Libra did ask to trade the plain, sour cream & Jalapenos for some extra salsa. ¬†But still, thank you for the lagniappe! Guacamole was definitely squirted out of a bottle and there is not enough for dipping.
  • Search-for-non-cliche-&-unusual-words-to-describe St. Augustine’s nachos’¬†presentation. Nachos Libra wants a much larger vocabulary to cope with the off-the-scale Wow! factor. ¬†These nachos are the best. Overall large portions. The assault of edible colours! A half point was taken off for the chicken little & the server bringing out a¬†take away container rather than wrap it herself. The chips became soggy from the salsa; Nachos Libra is to blame for requesting extra salsa.
  • Will be back for more!
  • This full-order nachos was eaten on¬†20 July 2015.


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