Sunshine Coast Nachos

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The Sunshine Coast is served by a lone highway from Langdale to Lund with intimate coastal communities in between. Only a 40 minute ferry ride from Vancouver, yet one feels they have acquired that elusive “left it all behind” feeling. It is here that Nachos Libra will explore for nachos.

Gramma’s Marine Pub

Sunshine Coast Nachos
Gramma’s Pub Nachos – Landing
Sunshine Coast Nachos
Gramma’s Pub Nachos – First Pass Rating Three
Rating Three
  • Full-sized, ground beef nachos were ordered, but the kitchen never delivered the beef. One area of the nachos was smothered in cheese! 🙂 Otherwise, there was toasted cheese on top and some melted cheese in the middle layer.
  • Vegetables comprised lots of red peppers, diced tomatoes, black olives & green onions.
  • Sauces outlasted the nachos! Guacamole was included, but like the salsa, is poured from a jug into plastic, take out ramkins.
  • The nachos were quite greasy. There were a few soggy chips in the middle deck with very few broken chips! 🙂 Grammas’ nachos were absolutely a full-sized platter! These were for sharing with People at a cost of $17.50. 🙂
  • These nachos were eaten 24 July 2016.


Nachos Libra Sharing Nachos around the world table!
Nachos Libra

I’m a Libra who loves nachos. I wasn’t always so obsessed. Nachos were plentiful & on most every menu. Just another pub grub option ordered so all could share.

Then I moved to Dublin, Republic of Ireland. The Irish don’t eat when they drink. “Eatin’s cheatin!” my Irish friends would intersperse amongst the witty, tavern conversation.

Well, I have to eat! I’m Chinese! So, I thought that if I ordered a platter to share, would it be more acceptable?

And then, nothing! No matter the menu, nachos were not on it. I began to compulsively search for pubs with nachos even when I wasn’t hungry. Slowly, incrementally, I displayed severe withdrawal symptoms. I began day-dreaming of those “corn-based” nachos back in Vancouver, Canada.

Finally, I’m back. I’ve been back for a while. And, at least once a week, I have a hankering for nachos that needs satisfying.  Now I manage my obsession by tasting & sharing with you, my dear fellow tavern mates!

Nachos Libra

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