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Many roads lead in & out of this South Eastern region in British Columbia known for its wineries, orchard fruit and outdoor partying. Yes, this covers a lot of area, so Nachos Libra had better get started on rating nachos in this section of the province!

Wrong Turn Tavern

Okanagan Nachos Ratings
Wrong Turn Tavern Nachos – Landing
Okanagan Nachos Ratings
Wrong Turn Tavern Nachos – First Pass
NachosLibra.com Rating Four
Rating Four
  • Full size nachos were ordered with grilled chicken. A diced up 6 oz. breast adorned the upper deck only. Toasted cheese was layered on top; the middle tier had been toasted too! 🙂 These nachos were likely baked twice!!!
  • Sparse amount of vegetables; fresh tomatoe, splatter of green onion, black olives & there was the one random, whole fresh basil leaf. Not a veggie dish!
  • Sauces are served on the side! Sour cream was declined in favour of double salsa servings. The ample & mild salsa was poured from a plastic jug that lasted!
  • The chips were crispy with a few on the perimeter that were a little over-exposed to heat, thus taking on an almost burnt flavour. Many chips were broken shards, too small for scooping up salsa 🙁
  • The Wrong Turn’s nachos are great value! The presentation states, “Yes, this platter is simple & filling!”. The nachos was on the small size, but cost was $14 ($10 nachos+ $4 real grilled chicken).
  • Shards of chips, few vegetables & pre-made salsa all conspired to keep these excellent nachos out of the five chip league.
  • These nachos were eaten 04 July 2016.

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Nachos Libra

I’m a Libra who loves nachos. I wasn’t always so obsessed. Nachos were plentiful & on most every menu. Just another pub grub option ordered so all could share.

Then I moved to Dublin, Republic of Ireland. The Irish don’t eat when they drink. “Eatin’s cheatin!” my Irish friends would intersperse amongst the witty, tavern conversation.

Well, I have to eat! I’m Chinese! So, I thought that if I ordered a platter to share, would it be more acceptable?

And then, nothing! No matter the menu, nachos were not on it. I began to compulsively search for pubs with nachos even when I wasn’t hungry. Slowly, incrementally, I displayed severe withdrawal symptoms. I began day-dreaming of those “corn-based” nachos back in Vancouver, Canada.

Finally, I’m back. I’ve been back for a while. And, at least once a week, I have a hankering for nachos that needs satisfying.  Now I manage my obsession by tasting & sharing with you, my dear fellow tavern mates!

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