Nachos Libra Nachos Ratings

Nachos Libra Nachos Ratings
Nachos Libra Sharing Nachos Around the World Table!

Nachos Rating System

Nachos Libra’s rating system is as simple as it comes. First, non-greasy, crispy chips are used. Five chips are the best. One chip is the worst. Two, Three or Four chips are somewhere in-between. The Crumbled Rating means unsalvageable! Rating Five
Rating Five Rating Four
Rating Four Rating Three
Rating Three Rating Two
Rating Two Rating One
Rating One Crumbled Rating, unsalvageable Rating for Nachos
Crumbled Rating

Pictures Of The Nachos

The pictures of the nachos dishes pretty much say it all.

  • Nachos Landing: The first picture is taken as soon as the server delivers the plate to the table.
  • First Pass: The second picture is after an excavation pass and, if any, shows layering of cheeses, protein and dips.

What the pictures don’t say, Nachos Libra will, in point form below the pics. Enjoy!

Where Do You Want To Munch On Nachos?

North Vancouver NachosLower Lonsdale Nachos

West Vancouver Nachos

Vancouver Eastside Nachos

Vancouver Westside Nachos

Downtown Vancouver Nachos

Harrison Hot Springs Nachos

Okanagan  Nachos

Sunshine Coast Nachos

Tri-Cities  Nachos

Victoria Nachos


Nachos Libra Sharing Nachos around the world table!
Nachos Libra Incognito

I’m a Libra who loves nachos. I wasn’t always so obsessed. Nachos were plentiful & on most every menu. Just another pub grub option ordered so all could share.

Then I moved to Dublin, Republic of Ireland. The Irish don’t eat when they drink. “Eatin’s cheatin!” my Irish friends would intersperse amongst the witty, tavern conversation.

Well, I have to eat! I’m Chinese! So, I thought that if I ordered a platter to share, would it be more acceptable?

And then, nothing! No matter the menu, nachos were not on it. I began to compulsively search for pubs with nachos even when I wasn’t hungry. Slowly, incrementally, I displayed severe withdrawal symptoms. I began day-dreaming of those “corn-based” nachos back in Vancouver, Canada.

Finally, I’m back. I’ve been back for a while. And, at least once a week, I have a hankering for nachos that needs satisfying.  Now I manage my obsession by tasting & sharing with you, my dear fellow tavern mates!

Nachos Libra

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